myTime 1.4

Time manager suited to calculating bills for hours worked

myTime is a time recording and invoicing system for freelancers, consultants and external representatives, who are working for one or more customers in different projects and are obliged to deliver a control/activity report when billing their activity.

myTime offers the possibility to enter working times, in a customer-, project- and activity-related way, if required with the corresponding hourly rate. They can be exported, assigned to a customer, as a *.csv or *.xml file for invoicing and imported to the desktop in Excel.

During time recording you can directly enter missing data, such as customers, projects or activities and use them immediately.

System tables offer the possibility of customizing myTime according to your requirements. These settings will be introduced into your daily use (example: allocation of hourly rates to customers and/or projects and so on...).

Among other things, pocketWorks myTime offers the following features:

  • Customer, project and activity related entries
  • Item related recording of the working hours
  • Setting of parameters for YOUR myTime
  • Administration of orders and cost centers
  • Scheduled table, actual table
  • Monthly and yearly stats
  • Data export to XML, CSV

An advanced time management system for your Pocket PC.



myTime 1.4

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